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Bolognese Dog Breed Information

Alphabetically: B
Breed: Bolognese
Country of Origin: Italy
Color: White
Life Expectancy: 12-14 years
Height: Female: 25-28 cm, Male: 27-30 cm
Weight: Female: 2.5-4 kg, Male: 2.5-4 kg
Litter Size: 4-7 puppies
Hypoallergenic: Yes
A true companion dog, the Bolognese dog breed loves to be at his familys side. However, he also loves getting his way and can be quite crafty about it, so be careful you could find yourself being manipulated by a 10-pound furball.

Very serious, generally not very high energy. Enterprising, docile, enjoying his masters, the Bolognese is slightly more reserved and shy than its cousin, the Bichon Frise.

Bolognese enjoy companionship of people and form a close relationship with their owners. Vivacious, playful and happy, Bolognese get along very well with other animals.

This willing little dog is quite responsive to obedience training. Outdoors he's rough-and-tumble; indoors he is quiet and happy. They are friendly with strangers. Get them accustomed to people and noises at an early age.

Because of this breeds size, they are prone to Small Dog Syndrome, human induced behaviors where the dog believes he is pack leader to humans.

Temperament: Reserved, Serious, Docile, Loyal, Enterprising

Other names: Bichon Bolognese, the Bolognese Toy Dog, the Bologneser, Bolo, the Botoli, the Bottolo

Health Problems: The Bolognese is a healthy breed, prone to no real major problems.

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